Friday, September 19, 2008

Niravam sounds to me a lot like Nirvana

Good one drug company.
And will someone please tell someone
how many of us have overdosed ourselves?

Overtaken pumping muscles,
traded for undertaking cold dirt.

I've got a panic disorder for you,
a little drowsiness,
a lot of depressiveness,
decreased this, decreased that,
and a touch of dry dizziness.

Wait, let Leo clean up his laboratory,
and we will mix his findings.
We'll mix his findings and end up dead.
This is the height of

Thursday, September 18, 2008

15 minutes and 25 seconds will never be enough to explain ourselves

Cause we don't have a chance, us two,
but we have a million all the same.

Some of us were just tapped,
with the tip of his ungodly slate-black pencil.

And we are the ones left to fight winter,
tooth and fist. Ivory and clutch.

If i even think about laying on my arms,
they fall numb. Fall asleep.
Take off to Nod.
Hug the thought of comas.
Lay the dogsleep down.

Monday, September 8, 2008

You say your beard and your hair have been growing for 3 weeks

And here is why:
the millions of little orange capsules
you cloaked and swallowed,
the tons of times you said this
but the reality was that,
the lots of my care taking
you took for granted.

Believe me when I say:
I think of you sitting among
concrete, some metals, and the illest of men,
and my insides push so hard on my outsides
I wonder how much more this skin can take.

Your days in summary:
asleep by 8 awake by 3,
a balanced but small meal for a man,
reading for the second time,
scared for the first.
I still hope for the best, the greater grand for you.