Thursday, March 18, 2010

Try As You May, Blue Collar Childhood

Through and through and through,
and we're nestled in.

Bridge Welding led him to Banjo Playing,
with a meanness like no other,
like a kitchen, a lion coup, a string-breaking symphony
of yardsales and free box hearts.

The Olive Hill Tom T. Hall,
the Eureka Mike Patton,
and the Roswell John Denver.

Backporch Carolina,
Queencity and darling men,
5 strings and no slaves,
Jubilee until the mint cows leave home.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Civil Rights and Mushroom Clouds

I live at the Stable Gallery most days,
grooming my resiliency,
celebrating the joy of joys.

Let's go, brothers and sisters,
we're going West,
maps in hand, crumpled or not.

The frontier waits patient,
the Badlands we will run,
furs we will trade,
mocassins we will fashion,
reeds we will chew,
canyons we will jump,
fossils we will paint,
red shirts we will wear,
berries we will hunt,
hope we will know.

Mines and pines and dust bowls.
A love caravan like no other.