Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nine Months, Maybe Eleven Days, and No Good Words

I say you don't have to forgive the hoi polloi,
they may not know any better, but still.
That second question comes out their mouth,
comes out with so much ferment.

Does it make you want to break their glassy eyes with your fists?
I imagine you using your fingers, reaching through their backs,
commanding them by the spine, and extracting their skeletons.
I am sorry your chest will always be sore.

I know there is a remembering smell we're always trying to avoid.
and I mean it happens when you
walk by, ride past, drum through, or maybe amble beside,
a certain house, establishment, or car even.

Please don't stay stagnant. 
Cause I keep seeing this kid's face.
And still, my favorite part about you?
You called yourself a dad.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Stories About Skin Color; or If God Permits

Staple us together, please. 
And not just in my finger,
but at our hips, 
our teeth,
our eyelashes.
Because there were two minutes today when I wished I was
the bantam Mexican boy leaning against the antiqued brick,
hands in pockets. Here is my dual brain theory,
I wish I'd never met you.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Physical Paper and Liquid Peppermints

I bit the seedling (sunflower maybe)
Anyways it tasted like cigarettes.
Well. And I remembered Christmas for a minute.
Coldness, coffee, encasings of snow and blankets of family.

That's something a tart would wear,
that bullshit plaid always hanging around.
Mom said that red belt has a bad attitude.
I beg to differ. Then I differ all the same.

And trust this. I don't want anyone sitting next to me.
At least until next year.

Listen, It's Not Always This Bad...And

that politician confused the hell out of me.
But i was thinking how when we were seven,
your mom brought cupcakes,
and you cried the hardest of any seven year old
could. And you had every right to and now me too.
And my legs are sweating because its god damn hot outside.
July will always do that to you. And your mom didnt mean to get the cupcakes wrong.
She just did. And now i think your plot is at the back of all the others.
I say I think because my head exploded through the top of my nose,
and i only got so far as to buff my left thumb nail.
And i say yesterday was the worst.